Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

You had a great way of breaking down the tasks I needed to focus on to reach my goals. I met you at such a critical time as I doubted myself and what I could achieve, but you helped me crystallize my goals and bring out my strengths needed to help me achieve them. I’m truly excited with my new role and life... I see it as a great new adventure for me and my family. I can safely say that I would not have achieved this without you!

In terms of meeting expectations, our coaching sessions far exceeded what I hoped for. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from coaching and how it would work but I really loved the way you helped me bring clarity to my thoughts and reality to my dreams... I have a better perspective on my relationships both at home and at work. I feel stronger and more confident and very excited about my next chapter in life!

Charlotta McAlpine
Formerly of Millward Brown
Regional Unilever Account Lead, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Central Eastern Europe

I was surprised by the results – coaching helped me access my capabilities that I could express more clearly, and it has made me a more effective professional. On top of this, it has also enabled me to enjoy work and reduce stress levels.

I can connect and influence others in a way that I feel completely natural with, which is a big help in managing others. I can also approach conversations tactically with different styles to drive the outcomes that I need. Finally, I have a lot more self awareness, which helps me manage my own emotions and outward effectiveness.

I found this experience invaluable and wish I had done it sooner.

Gavin Kanan
KKR Singapore Pte Ltd

The coaching met my expectations very well. A lot of listening and fine understanding of who I was and how to address my concerns and goals…

I am now more sensible to the people around me, and consider peoples’ dimensions more… I really thank Susan for these coaching sessions.

Gilles Nauche
Formerly Managing Director
Asia Pacific, Neopost

Coaching provides a thinking forum, in creating the realization how important is leadership depth and team development. It also opens new perspective to the concept of coaching and strategic planning.

I have been able to connect the goals and objectives of my team members with the overall goals of the organization.

Jagdish Mahapatra
Enterprise Regional Manager
Cisco, India

To me the coaching sessions are where the real learning takes place. Training/knowledge on its own is hard to apply… great ideas and new ways of doing things are new and unfamiliar without coaching and practice it is nearly impossible to sustain any change.

I have personally found the coaching from Susan Sadler to be extremely valuable. Susan has been prepared to take the coaching in any direction I wanted, to really try and find ways to apply ideas that have interested me in my real world situation. I have learned from her example, have bounced ideas off her, used her as a resource, and the monthly calls have helped to keep me on track.

Jennifer Rutherford
Manager Channel Operations
Cisco, New Zealand

I initially attended the PCSI workshop with a bit of skepticism. I had been to so many different types of leadership trainings with self assessments that I didn't think I could learn anything new or, more importantly, relevant. I could not have been more mistaken. This tool was one of the most accurate assessments and the methodology was extremely effective to illustrate the different communication styles. More importantly, I left the workshop with tangible experiences knowing how to harness those differences to achieve a common goal. The impact PCSI has made in how I interact and read others is limitless.

Miryame Krogmeier

Her direct communication is reflective, acknowledging and she has a wonderful way of combining reflections, acknowledgments with questions…

Senior Vice President
Multinational IT Organization, Singapore

It is useful to have a neutral party to listen in to help clarify some of my assumptions and motivations, as well as provide some accountability on my developmental progress/actions.

Singapore Civil Service